Rare Child

Drawing together disparate influences from Neko Case to Jeff Lang to The Chieftains, Rare Child’s melt-your-face woodsy folk fascinates and delights audiences.

Guitarist Lachlan Heycox and violin/vocalist Erin Heycox grew up in rural Australia steeped in bush-bands and balladeers. They met double-bassist Lachlan Gordon stringing up sound at a now defunct Hoddle Street pub. As soon as Lachlan's brother McKinnon Heycox moved to the city, he joined in the fun with furious djembe and cajon. 

Rare Child’s songs of pet magpies and cautionary tales of venture capitalists wittily observe and chronicle their journey from the bush to the city in their debut EP ‘Big Smoke’.

Performance History 

Rare Child have played venues and festivals big and small across Melbourne and Regional Victoria including Newport Folk Festival, Yarraville Festival, The Grace Darling, The Wesley Anne, Fryars Food Festival and The Drunken Poet. 

They founded Folkscray, a celebration of folk music in and around Footscray in 2018.